NYC Retirement Counseling

Thomann Tax, Inc. offers a 1-on-1 retirement counseling session for New York City employees who are nearing retirement.   The session can be done in person or over the internet (webinar).  The following are some of the topics that may be addressed:

  • Pension tax issues
  • Pension option calculation/analysis
  • Pension Option Cost Analyzer (FDNY & NYPD only)
  • Final distribution (final loan & excess) analysis
  • Rollover rules
  • Variable Supplement Fund (VSF)
  • Series of Substantially Equal Periodic Payments – IRC 72(t)
  • NYC Deferred Compensation Plans – 457(b), 401(k), 401(a), Roth 457(b), etc.
  • Union annuity plans
  • Defending Public Safety Employees Retirement Act
  • Tax planning strategies re: accidental disability pension
  • Taxation of pensions and retirement plan distributions by other states

The session is 60-90 minutes and the fee is $200 for an in person meeting or $175 for the webinar.  The webinar is a great choice for the person who does not want to travel to Staten Island (“The Pearl of the Atlantic”).

To schedule an in-person meeting either call: 718-720-1712, send an email:, or use this contact form.

To schedule a webinar, either call: 718-720-1712, send an email:,  or use this contact form.   After registering and paying fee for the webinar, please email the following as an attachment to:  Recommend that any identifying numbers (account numbers, etc.) be redacted.

  1. Copy of recent pension statement/estimate
  2. Copy of recent NYC Deferred Compensation Plan statement
  3. Copy of recent union annuity plan statement