The Road to NYPD Retirement

The only book of its kind.  The Road to NYPD Retirement: A comprehensive retirement planning resource for active and retired NYPD members is an indispensable guide to navigating the choices facing all retiring and retired members of the NYPD.

The Road to NYPD Retirement will equip active, soon-to-retire, and retired NYPD personnel with a working knowledge of retirement planning and an easy-to-follow “roadmap” of key decisions, including determining an optimal retirement date, election of final distribution, New York City Deferred Compensation Plan distributions, rollovers, pension options, union annuity plan distributions, and tax issues. Included in The Road to NYPD Retirement are:
* Detailed examples of NYPD pension calculations, based on twenty years of service and beyond;
* Analysis of final distribution, exploring advantages and disadvantages and rollover choices for the final distribution;
* Tax issues for NYPD members;
* IRC 72(t) exception and how it can benefit retired NYPD members;
* Strategies for optimizing Social Security; and
* Case studies presenting different scenarios and applicable approaches to retirement planning.

While The Road to NYPD Retirement is not meant to provide all of the answers to the complex decisions facing active and retired members of the NYPD today, it will unquestionably provide a solid understanding of tax and retirement planning issues specific to NYPD members and help ensure a secure and stable foundation for the years to come.

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Table of Contents

The NYPD Pension
NYC Deferred Compensation Plan
Union Annuity Plan
Roth IRA
Social Security
Advanced Tax & Retirement Planning
Who to Turn to for Advice
Appendix-Case Study #1
Appendix-Case Study #2

Important Note:

  1. Delete the 2nd and 4th bullet points on pg 22.
  2. On pg. 23, delete the sentence; “A partial final distribution would amount to a portion of the required amount, a portion of the excess, tax-free only, excess only, etc.”