It looks like the New York City Police Pension Fund (NYCPPF) has decided to take all the “fun” away when preparing and interpreting domestic relations orders (commonly referred to as QDROs).  Effective July 1st, 2020, the NYCPPF will have a required DRO template.  From the NYCPPF, “As part of this required template, we encourage parties to agree to a set dollar amount, rather than a complex formula open to wide interpretation.”  Really?  Isn’t the NYCPPF suppose to be a neutral, non-biased party in reference to DROs?

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  1. Kevin
    Kevin says:

    Hi Pete, in what step in the retirement process will this be required in 2020, if your already retired prior to July 2020 but bot finalized will it also apply?

    Additionally, what is the case law or parameters on selecting options ie death 50, if ex wife wants it but I do not who pays for it? The forms give options to say who pays for it but can she be solely responsible? Or force me to reduce my portion.

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