Fill Up The Bracket- Introduction

Overview presentation of the Fill Up the Bracket tax planning strategy.

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  1. Bob Boyce
    Bob Boyce says:

    As always, very informative! I appreciate your extra work, getting good information out to your clients. I didn’t realize, there was a actual term for what I was doing – converting my 401(a) to my Roth. You make it sound so good to do. Thank you. Respectfully. BB

  2. Jim B
    Jim B says:

    Thanks Pete, Very informative and easy to understand for the average person.
    I think this is a smart financial planning tool as the longer we wait, the likely the chance of the tax rates rising and our deductions and exemptions lowering.
    Something especially useful for those in the SOC Principle Fund who retire at 50 years and older to consider.

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