News Articles: NYC Pension Funds


Chief Investment Officer: 600-Plus Companies Adopt NYC Pensions’ ‘Proxy Access’ Agenda


NY Post: Longtime aide in Queens DA office entitled to $319K pension

NY Post: Judge rules that public has right to NYPD pension info


Politico:  De Blasio exaggerates fossil fuel claims on the campaign trail


NY Post: Dems want to undo Cuomo’s cost savings, pay new government workers more


NY Daily News: NYPD overtime cap has cops thinking about retirement


WSJ: The Long Bull Market Has Failed to Fix Public Pensions

Pensions & Investments: New York City Retirement Systems’ returns lag 7% expected rate


CityLimits: Help Taxpayers and Protect Retirees by Rethinking Pensions in NYC


NY Post: NYC Pension Staffers are Chilling in Key West as Arctic Chill Hits

Daily News: Hold Exxon to Account: NYC Retirees deserve to have the air cleared on climate deceptions
-Opinion piece by NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer


Institutional Investor: New CIO Appointed at NYC’s $200 Billion Pension System

Bloomberg: New York City Pensions Paid Wall Street $1 Billion Last Year


Chief Investment Officer: NYC Comptroller Wants 3 Major Indexes to Ban Saudi Stocks

Newsday: City Workers’ Pension Fund Hinge on Mayor de Blasio’s Environmental Stand

Crain’s NY: Public Pensions Help the Whole City, not just Retirees
-excellent op-ed from the NYC Chief Actuary, Sherry S. Chan.


Bloomberg: NYC Police & Fire Pensions Invest $134 Million into Exotic Quant Fund

Crain’s NY: NYC Retirement Systems to Double Investment in Climate Change Solutions 

NY Daily News: Stop Politicizing Our Pensions


NY Times: Some Pension Funds Profit From New York Real Estate. Why Don’t the City’s?

Chief Investment Officer:  NYC Pension Funds Earn 8.7% in 2018

Brooklyn Daily Eagle:  Cuomo and de Blasio should not force unions to divest from fossil fuel companies


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  1. jim
    jim says:

    8.7 % return is not a bad return in this up and down market. I noticed the teachers have a separate system than other Bd of Ed Employees, Why?

  2. Mike
    Mike says:

    If you read the comments section of Crains New York, you’ll see a lot of jealousy regarding public employee pensions.

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