NYC Deferred Comp: Not a Good Sign….

Not a good sign when a participant signs into their NYC Deferred Comp and sees this on the Home page:

The problem?  The participant already has a 457 plan!

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  1. Robert B.
    Robert B. says:

    OH MY GOD!!! On FEBRUARY 1st I sent FIVE applications (five funds) to move my NYC DCP/Voya $ to Vanguard!! 20% are STILL not moved (two months later, due to a LOST CHECK). I would encourage all retirees to get out!!! What a nightmare it’s been……

    • John
      John says:

      I submitted a withdrawal on Jan 4th. I just got my money 2 days ago because I threaten to sue them. Horrible

  2. John Foertsch
    John Foertsch says:

    I have multiple accounts with NYC DCP. They all show up on website EXCEPT my 401k which says the same thing as the picture you posted “enroll”. However, when I click on the 401k tab it shows my correct balance. I will contact them and see what’s up.

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