The Tax & Retirement Planning Guide – Strategies for State/County/City Employees and Retirees is available on  The book consists of seven chapters:

  1. Governmental Pension Plans
  2. Governmental Defined Contribution Plans
  3. IRAs and Roth IRAs
  4. Required Minimum Distributions, Tax Credits, and Other Tax Topics
  5. Advanced Tax and Retirement Planning
  6. Who to Turn to for Advice
  7. Case Studies

Detailed Chapter of Contents

The following people will find this book to be a useful resource:

  • State/County/City employees and retirees
  • Retirees who prepare their own tax return
  • Accidental disability (line of duty) retirees and pre-retirees anticipating an accidental disability pension
  • Tax preparers and financial advisors
  • Plan administrators

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