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1st Quarter 2018

  • NYC DCP “Special” 401(k)
    -does not exist
    -rollovers to the Special 401(k)
    -favorable NYS tax treatment
    -59 1/2, 55, & 50
  • NYC DCP 457(b) & New Jersey Taxation
    -Example: NJ 457(b) distribution
  • Performance, Tip of the Day, and Q & A

4th Quarter 2017 

  • Tax Reform & Roth Conversions
    -Tax reform equals fill up the bracket
    -Fill Up The Bracket example
  • NYC DCP Pre-arranged Portfolios (Target-date funds)
    -An often-misunderstood investment option of the NYC DCP
  • Thomann Tax Ultimate Deferral Table
  • Performance, Tip of the Day, Q&A
  • NYC DCP Performance 2002 through 2017

3rd Quarter 2017 (free sample issue)

  • What is the NYC Deferred Compensation Plan?
  • Understanding the NYC DCP 457(b)
  • In-Service NYC DCP 401(k) Distributions
  • Performance, Tip of the Day, Q&A

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